The Beheading of St John the Baptist, Doddington, Kent


St James’s, Egerton, Kent

All Saints, Malborough, Devon

St Margaret Wychling, near Doddington, Kent

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASt Margaret Wychling is another Downs church. On the edge of woodland and has splendid views – and an impressive musicians’ gallery. Read about it on John E Vigar’s website.

St Catherine’s, Kingsdown – a small Pugin church tucked away in the Kent Downs

Built in 1861, St Catherine’s is the only surviving Anglican church designed by EW Pugin. It is said to have one of the most complete Victorian interiors in Kent and to be just as Pugin intended, including red glass in the chancel windows that produce a striking, moody effect.

The exterior has Pugin’s characteristic pointed features – ¬†readers might smile, as I did, to notice that when he was called on to draw a kiosk for the cliff top at Ramsgate, it too got the ‘pointy’ treatment.

For more information about St Catherine’s see John E Vigar’s Kent Churches website and the Churches Conservation Trust website.

All Saints, Birling, Kent

This is a fabulous old place that reflects the history of the Nevill family in addition to being a village church. The lady who lent me the key remembers that when she was a child the Nevills would arrive with their servants by a private door Рthe family would sit in castellated manorial pews on the left, while the servants sat opposite in order of seniority, starting of course with the butler.

‘This is still a feudal village,’ she remarked, but I didn’t take her too seriously, for the fields around seemed to me to have been enclosed and I saw no sign of a functioning tithe barn.

The wonderful Tudor ceiling came from a house.

For more information see John Vigar’s website and the Wikipedia.